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Economist of the impact assessment of food-related interventions

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CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, works with its partners in southern countries to generate and pass on new knowledge to support agricultural development and innovation.

It has one main objective: to build sustainable farming systems for tropical and Mediterranean regions capable of feeding ten billion human beings by 2050 while preserving the environment.

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Science - Economic and management science



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Economist of the impact assessment of food-related interventions

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MoISA unit (Montpellier Interdisciplinary Centre on Agri-food Systems - Social and Nutritional Sciences) is looking for a micro-economist to design and implement methodologies to improve the food and nutritional security of vulnerable populations.

Food consumption patterns in developing countries are changing rapidly, against a background of increasing urbanisation and women's growing participation in the labour market. To address the "triple burden of malnutrition", food-related interventions are increasing in number and diversity. This may in particular involve support for formal or informal food  catering, whether for schools, companies or on the street, support for street vendors or money transfers to consumers in rural and urban environments.

You will assess how these actions contribute to improved food and nutrition security  for vulnerable people. You will identify, within a developing country context, the methodological tools and data sources to be used to identify the causal mechanisms affecting people' food and nutritional security. Depending on the situation, your activities will be based on primary or secondary data and you will use experimental or quasi-experimental approaches.

While experimental approaches are becoming increasingly important in the evaluation of actions, they cannot always be implemented. You will be expected to be competent in applying economic quantification tools to impact assessments (controlled random tests and quasi-experimental approaches).

You will work in partnership with economist and nutritionist colleagues in the MoISA unit. Your main tasks will be to (1) empirically measure the impacts of specific actions by assessing the different channels through which the actions are likely to affect consumers and their households, (2) discuss the validity conditions of established results and the heterogeneity of these impacts, and (3) use these results to feed into dialogues with public decision-makers and operators operating in the food sector.


After a few months at the Montpellier site, the person will be seconded to Vietnam.

Desired profiled

Holder of a PhD in economics, with a good knowledge of applied econometrics and of English.
Experience in setting up and monitoring field survey protocols in developing countries is desirable.
Experience of working with large databases on households or individuals is required.
Demonstrable expert knowledge of econometrics applied to impact studies
Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment.

Position constraints

Work at a computer screen for more than 4 hours a day
Frequent travel in France and abroad

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27-37 K€


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Après quelques mois sur le site de Montpellier, la personne sera affectée au Vietnam.

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