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Our strengths


     A company with meaning-bearer

  • Contribute to a more sustainable world : Convinced that the social and environmental dimensions of development are necessary, CIRAD places sustainable development at the heart of its mandate. It strives to be exemplary in its practices and their impacts. Our commitments : Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Practice useful and socially responsible research : Joining CIRAD means committing to useful and socially responsible science. It means giving meaning to work. To fulfil its responsibility towards society, CIRAD's ethics and scientific integrity delegation was created in 2018, as well as an ethics advisory committee shared by four research organisations (INRAE, CIRAD, IFREMER and IRD). Here are our Ethical commitments

  • Adhere to our commitments on diversity : CIRAD has set up company-wide agreements on gender equality in the workplace, professional inclusion and job retention for people with disabilities, as well as a generation contract.

    Motivating working conditions

  • Develop your skills : CIRAD offers the opportunity to take appropriate and continuous training courses to support our employees career development.

    Develop your career through mobility : scientific executives undertake one or more geographical mobility in partner countries during their career. CIRAD also promotes internal mobility in order to promote changes in function or position within the organisation.

    Take advantage of our social benefits : such as 80% coverage of health insurance by CIRAD, flexible working hours, a company-wide agreement on teleworking and work-life balance, an advantageous paid leave scheme, the payment of a 13th month.

    Benefit from specific allowances for geographical mobility : depending on the location and family composition. You can also benefit from comprehensive social insurance regardless of location.

    In France, benefit from the socio-cultural advantages of the CSE and eco-friendly catering (60% covered by CIRAD).