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Our commitments for disability

"To ensure that disability is not an obstacle to social life or professional careers, CIRAD has chosen to strengthen its policy to promote the inclusion and retention of people with disabilities in employment. A corporate citizen is committed to equal opportunities, regardless of a person's disability. Diversity is an integral part of our mandate and mission."

Elisabeth Claverie de Saint-Martin - PDG du Cirad

In November 2022, CIRAD renewed its agreement with the social partners on the professional inclusion and job retention of people with disabilities.

 Thus, every career at CIRAD is open to all, based solely on qualifications, motivation and enthusiasm.

 Supporting each employee to develop his or her skills and knowledge is a central principle of CIRAD.

 If you are recognised as a disabled worker, please mention this by filling out your application via the "Send and complete" page (at the bottom of the page, section : Are you a disabled worker ?).