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Assessment economist for agricultural value chains in the livestock farming sector F/M

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CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, works with its partners in southern countries to generate and pass on new knowledge to support agricultural development and innovation.

It has one main objective: to build sustainable farming systems for tropical and Mediterranean regions capable of feeding ten billion human beings by 2050 while preserving the environment.  



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Science - Economic and management science



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Assessment economist for agricultural value chains in the livestock farming sector F/M

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Job description

You will develop research on the assessment of animal production value chains in developing countries. This work will mainly focus on dairy and meat value chains.

You will contribute to the emergence of a new generation of integrative tools designed to assess the impact of these value chains on the various aspects of sustainable development. These tools will be based on quantitative multi-criteria assessment methods and will form part of support and forecasting processes.

More specifically, you will be given several complementary tasks:

- Assessing the impact of value chains on various sustainable development indicators, notably in terms of value creation and job opportunities, and comparing them with social, environmental or health impact indicators.
- Carrying out sectoral analyses to understand their dynamics and shed light on development strategies for animal product value chains.
- Analysing changes in the demand for animal products within food systems.

You will work within the SELMET joint research unit (UMR), where you will be assigned to the DEFIT scientific field. You will work in close cooperation with the unit's other economists, as well as with agronomists, zootechnicians, geographers and ecologists involved in research on the assessment of animal production value chains. You will also work with other CIRAD research units on multi-criteria assessments.

You will lead research-action projects, and develop partnerships with leading development stakeholders in the value chains studied, particularly influential firms, producer organisations and government agencies.

You will also develop collaborative arrangements with international stakeholders involved in promoting “sustainable” certifications or standards in livestock farming: certifying bodies, NGOs, forums and round tables, and international organisations.

Desired profiled

You have experience in researching agricultural value chains and, if possible, multi-criteria assessment or consumption analysis.

You hold a PhD in agricultural economics (or in a related field), with a solid background in quantitative formalism. You have already studied at least one of the following areas: competitiveness, productivity, employment dynamics, or sectoral investment policy impact assessment.

You are familiar with the primary theoretical frameworks and methods used to analyse value chains, assess the impact of trade on sustainable development, analyse markets and support players in the field.

Skills required:
Ability to work proficiently in the English language (written and verbal).
Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team.
Ability to adapt to different cultural situations.
Confirmed writing skills.
Ability to work with non-research partners.

Professional experience in international agricultural research would be a plus.

Position constraints

Work at a computer screen for 4+ hours a day

Frequent travel in France and abroad

Socio-professional category


Salaire base France, hors indemnités d'expatriation le cas échéant

27-37 K€


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Dans un premier temps à Montpellier, puis affectation en Afrique de L'ouest

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