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Quantitative genetics researcher wanted to study desirable traits in banana

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CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, works with its partners in southern countries to generate and pass on new knowledge to support agricultural development and innovation.

It has one main objective: to build sustainable farming systems for tropical and Mediterranean regions capable of feeding ten billion human beings by 2050 while preserving the environment.  

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Science - Biological sciences



Job title

Quantitative genetics researcher wanted to study desirable traits in banana

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Job description

Seeking a researcher specialising in quantitative genetics whose mission will be to identify the genetic basis of favourable traits and to optimise breeding strategies and selection methods adapted to banana biological constraints (predominantly vegetative reproduction, low fertility, polyploid species complex and high heterozygosity), for breeding and pre-breeding as well.
He/she will work in close collaboration with breeders from the Banana and Pineapple Genetics and Breeding team of the Joint Research Unit (UMR) for the Genetic Improvement and Adaptation of Mediterranean and Tropical Plants (AGAP). He will interact with researchers from other disciplines (phytopathologists, food scientists, agronomists) involved in the genetic improvement of banana at CIRAD.
He/she will be tasked with:
‒ identifying phenotypic traits that demonstrate adaptation to biological and environmental constraints
‒ helping come up with and obtain phenotyping and genotyping data,
‒ using this data to study the underlying genetic polymorphism beneath the phenotypic variation,
‒ combining theory, modelling and phenotypic/genomic data to develop new approaches to multi-criteria prediction and selection,
‒ publishing research results in international journals,
‒ helping set up and run national and international projects and helping lead the team's scientific activities.

Desired profiled

‒ PhD in plant breeding or quantitative genetics
‒ Proven experience in applied quantitative genetics
‒ Knowledge of the genetics of complex genomes appreciated
- Skilled in bioanalysis
- Strong taste for field experimentation and fieldwork
‒ Ability to establish and manage collaborations with partners in research and development.
‒ Proven experience setting up and monitoring projects.
‒ Proven capacity for scientific writing.
‒ Desired command of French, very good command of English (written and spoken).
‒ Strong motivation to work in a team and across disciplines.
‒ Aptitude and desire to work in developing countries (previous residency or experience in developing countries a plus).
‒ Strong motivation to work in French overseas territories or abroad in an isolated area.

Position constraints

Fieldwork in a tropical environment.
‒ Frequent travel in France and abroad.
‒ Display screen work.
‒ Work in overseas territories in a restricted scientific environment

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